Responsible Travel - How We're Being a Responsible Tour Operator

Our promise to you…

We recognize more than ever that with great adventures, comes an even greater responsibility. We believe that travel
has the power to change how we think, to break down boundaries and to leave a positive imprint on communities.
As a company, we're making a stand for what we believe in. We promise to operate as responsibly as we
can, and as travelers, we encourage you to do the same.

Here at ForeverVacation we are genuinely committed to operating responsibly, supporting local communities
and limiting your environmental footprint. To us, operating responsibly is about demonstrating respect for the people,
culture and environment we’re visiting. So how are we putting this into practice?

We are implementing 3 main initiatives on all of our tours across all of our locations and we are planning to continue
to expand more ways we can be a responsible tour operator.

Our 3 main initiatives are: 

Supporting locals where we can 

This includes taking you to local restaurants and markets, and encouraging tipping as a way to give back to the community. We also encourage you to purchase locally made souvenirs only and try to support locally held events such as festivals and sporting events. We also make an effort to stay out of chain establishments and to stay away from products that involve animal exploitation.

Partnering with eco-friendly hotels

How do we know that a hotel is eco-friendly? We make it a priority to only partner with hotels that have someone in charge of sustainability and that practice eco-smart initiatives. Sustainability policies must be clearly stated and energy and waste must be properly managed. We also make sure that they support the local community and/or non-profit organizations in some way
and that they are certified as sustainable.

Reducing waste

We try to avoid generating waste and take certain precautions to try and reduce this. We recycle all water bottles used on our tours and encourage guests to leave any plastic bottles they have with our guides so they can be recycled. We will also run ForeverVacation clean-ups with our tour guides in which they will volunteer their time to help clean up their local beaches and parks.

And this is just the beginning! We are constantly looking to improve the ways we can operate more responsibly and give back to the communities we operate in, so watch this space.  

We understand how precious our planet is and are doing everything we can to ensure we can keep you traveling it for as long as possible!