Casa del Cinema


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Largo Marcello Mastroianni, 1, 00197 Roma RM, Italy

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11:30 AM - 9:00 PM

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Local tour guide
"Definitely make your way to the Casa del Cinema in Rome during early evenings, especially in summer, when locals gather here for free movie screenings under the stars in Villa Borghese's open-air theater. If you're a film enthusiast, check their schedule in advance for special retrospectives and themed film festivals that aren't widely advertised to the general public but offer a unique cinematic experience."

What is Casa del Cinema?

The Casa del Cinema, which translates from Italian as 'House of Cinema,' is a treasured institution nestled in the heart of Rome, specifically located within the verdant grounds of Villa Borghese, one of the city's largest public parks. This venue serves as a nexus for film culture in the Eternal City, encompassing a range of facilities including screening rooms, exhibition spaces, and a library dedicated to cinema. Frequently hosting film festivals, screenings, retrospectives, and cultural events, it's a spot that cinephiles and casual movie-goers alike hold close to their hearts.

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Away from the hustle and bustle of Rome’s more crowded attractions, Casa del Cinema offers a tranquil retreat with its charming café and outdoor seating areas, where patrons can discuss films over a cup of coffee amidst the greenery.

The establishment is not just a place for watching films; it’s an active cultural center where dialogue about cinema thrives, encouraged by the range of events, workshops, and courses on offer.

History of Casa del Cinema

What many do not know is that Casa del Cinema has a rather eclectic history. It is housed in what was once known as the Swiss Hut, a structure that was part of the 1911 International Exposition and originally designed as a winter garden. After the exposition, it was used for various purposes, including a brief stint as a restaurant.

In the early 2000s, the decision was made to repurpose the building as a hub for film and cinema culture. After a series of renovations and preparations, it opened its doors as Casa del Cinema in 2001. The transformation of space is quite remarkable—a fusion of historical architecture with modern cinematic purpose.

Since its opening, it has become a fixture on Rome's cultural scene, continuing to write its history with each film festival hosted and each international director that passes through its doors.

Why is Casa del Cinema Important?

Casa del Cinema's importance lies in its role of fostering the appreciation of cinema as an art form. In a city where history is often measured in millennia, the focus here on contemporary and historical films alike establishes a bridge between Rome’s storied past and the present narrative tapestry woven by filmmakers from around the world.

The significance of Casa del Cinema also extends to the Italian film industry. It is a venue that celebrates the works of Italian cinema legends, while also encouraging new talent. With the backdrop of a city that has been the set of countless films, Casa del Cinema helps to maintain Rome’s standing on the cinematic world stage.

Perhaps most importantly, it serves as a cultural community center where residents and visitors can engage with film in a deeper, more intimate way, reflecting the city's longstanding tradition of embracing and nurturing the arts.

Things to Do & See at Casa del Cinema

When you visit Casa del Cinema, there's a bouquet of experiences to indulge in. Firstly, attend a film screening—there's something incredibly special about watching a film in the heart of Rome, especially when the line-up includes international masterpieces or spotlights local talent.

Explore the temporary exhibitions that are often housed within; these might include still photography from classic cinema or themed art installations that explore the wider impact of film and filmmaking.

Join a guided tour or a workshop. The facility often holds educational events that draw back the curtain on the filmmaking process or offer an in-depth look at the works of specific directors or cinematic movements.

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  • For the bibliophiles and researchers, don't miss out on the extensive cinema library, where you can peruse books and journals dedicated to the seventh art.
  • Take a break at the Casa del Cinema’s café. Sit out on the terrace on a sunny day and enjoy the cinematic atmosphere of this unique Roman haven.
  • Attend one of the many festivals and special events hosted throughout the year, which offer the opportunity to engage with filmmakers, critics, and fellow film enthusiasts.

If you want a taste of Rome's love affair with film, a visit to Casa del Cinema is an absolute must. It's a place that truly embodies the passion the city has for cinema, nestled as it is in the embrace of the historical and the verdant splendor of Villa Borghese.

Frequently asked questions

What is Casa del Cinema and where is it located?

Casa del Cinema is a cinema-themed cultural venue located in Villa Borghese, Rome, showcasing movie screenings, exhibitions, and events related to the film industry.

Are there any special events or festivals held at Casa del Cinema?

Yes, Casa del Cinema hosts various film festivals, special screenings, and cultural events throughout the year, celebrating both Italian and international cinema.

Is there an admission fee to enter Casa del Cinema?

Entry to Casa del Cinema is generally free, but some special events and screenings may require a ticket or a reservation.

What are the operating hours of Casa del Cinema?

The operating hours of Casa del Cinema can vary depending on the season and event schedule. It is recommended to check their official website or contact them directly for the most updated information.

How can I find out what's currently showing at Casa del Cinema?

The current schedule of screenings and events at Casa del Cinema can be found on their official website or by subscribing to their newsletter for updates.

Attractions Details

📌 Address

Largo Marcello Mastroianni, 1, 00197 Roma RM, Italy

Opening Hours

11:30 AM - 9:00 PM

💸 Entrance Fee


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