3 Airport Hacks for an Enjoyable Flight

3 Airport Hacks for an Enjoyable Flight



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Knowing you’re going on vacation has to be the best feeling ever, right? But getting there can be kind of stressful. If you’re like me, then you don’t love the whole airport experience. There are a lot of things to think about - checking in, making sure you don’t lose your passport, finding a good place to eat, getting to your gate on can be a little overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be that way! I have 3 quick and easy tips that will make the whole flight experience way less stressful and way more enjoyable! 

1. Take advantage of airport lounges

best airport lounge

Download the app LoungeBuddy to check which lounges are available to you in your airport, which ones are nearest to your gate and which you can pay to use even if you aren’t a member of the associated airline. You can also purchase lounge passes directly from the app and it will even show special discounts and deals. 

A quick and easy way to make your airport experience much more enjoyable. You could even consider joining Priority Pass which gives you access to airport lounges all over the world for a one off annual fee of $85!

2. Use the Trippie app to help navigate the airport 

Trippie app for the airport

Trippie takes the guesswork out of navigating large busy airports wherever you are in the world. Stay on top of your itinerary with flight tracking and super helpful airport maps.

 It also tells you which shops and restaurants are in your airport, including reviews and which are closest to your gate. It will help you to have a much more efficient airport experience, trust me! 

3. Baggage tracking!

track your airline baggage

Did you know most airline apps now have baggage tracking systems? Well, they do! And it is super helpful in reducing airport stress. You can now track your bag from the moment it leaves your hand to the moment you pick it up at your destination airport. 

It will tell you when it has been boarded on the plane, when it has been taken off the plane and when it is heading to baggage claim. It will give you peace of mind, so you can rest easy knowing your bag hasn’t been left behind. It’s a super helpful tool! 

I hope these quick and easy hacks will make your life a little easier when you take your next vacation (fingers crossed it’s not too far away)! 


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Jess Leak

Jess Leak

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