5 Products That Have Made Traveling A Breeze

5 Products That Have Made Traveling A Breeze



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Going on vacation is such an exciting time, but there are some things about it that can be quite stressful. No pain no gain, right? If you’re anything like me, you’ll find the whole packing and organising thing a bit of a nightmare. 

And there’s no getting around it, you kind of have to do those things if you want to go on vacation. But, there are some products that will help ease the pain a little and make traveling breezier. Here are my top 5 favorite travel products: 

1. Packing cubes 

Packing cubes for travel

These clever little packing cubes will make packing and unpacking SO much easier. Designed for organization and space optimization, you can have different cubes for different categories of clothing such as tops, bottoms etc. 

This way you’ll know exactly where everything is and you won’t need to empty out your entire case just to find the one item you’re looking for. So simple yet so effective, I couldn’t recommend getting some of these enough! I like the 3-cube set from Eagle Creek

2. A hanging toiletry bag

A hanging toiletry bag travel

I’ve struggled with how to fit in all the toiletries I want to take on holiday with me for years, but honestly, investing in a good quality hanging toiletry bag has made such a difference. 

These toiletry bags are designed to have so many different pockets and spaces, you could probably take your whole bathroom cabinet if you wanted to! 

These bags are amazing for space optimization and organization. Plus, they have a handy hook which allows you to take the whole bag to the bathroom with you and hang it conveniently from the shower so you don’t even have to unpack it - bliss! 

Amazon’s basic hanging toiletry bag is a steal at less than $20, however there are so many brands out there and some really funky colored ones too! 

3. Eye mask 

Eye mask for travel

Now, it might seem like a bit of an obvious one but I don’t think the humble eye mask should be overlooked. These come in super handy - especially if you’re traveling on a long haul red-eye flight! It can be really difficult to sleep on planes, what with all the lights and tv screens and people always moving about, but a decent eye mask can really help you out. 

They block out all the light so you could be sleeping in a hotel room with black-out blinds! Some airlines will give you free ones on the plane but these are usually pretty thin and cheaply made, I think it’s worth investing in something a bit more sturdy and comfortable to wear for long amounts of time! 

I love this luxury fleece mask for ultimate comfort, but there are heaps of different styles to choose from! Maybe add on some comfy ear plugs to your order for an even better sleep. 

4. An easily identifiable luggage tag

easily identifiable luggage tag for travel

There’s nothing worse than getting off the plane feeling drowsy and disoriented then having to stand at the luggage retrieval for hours watching for your suitcase, constantly wondering if that’s your black suitcase in a sea of other black suitcases! 

To easily avoid this and make getting your luggage back a less stressful experience, invest in a decent luggage tag that is easily identifiable. This way you’ll know instantly when you see your case coming on that conveyor belt. I really like these bold and bright ones from Eccolo World Traveler. Less than $10 and they’ll save you a whole lot of headache at the airport!

5. A travel document organizer 

travel document organizer for travel

A compact travel organizer is actually a really good way to keep all of your important documents in one place. This way you know where everything is and you won’t panic going through customs, checking for your passport every two minutes! 

Organizers come in all different shapes and sizes so you’ll definitely find one that suits you. I really like this trifold one from Zoppen

Packing, organizing and going through the airport is definitely not the best part of going on a vacation but with these 5 products, I hope you’ll find it a little breezier next time! Then all you have to think about is having an amazing holiday! Also check out my Top 10 Travel Essentials To Pack For Any Vacation and How To Pack For Your Vacation To Southeast Asia over on The Vacationer


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Jess Leak

Jess Leak

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