Coronavirus in Bangkok: What you Should Know

Coronavirus in Bangkok: What you Should Know



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We all know the outbreak of the new Coronavirus is causing a scare across the globe.

Should we really be afraid? In this video we will be talking about:

1. What the Virus really is
2. The danger of the Coronavirus
3. How to keep yourself safe from contracting sickness

It may sound scary now, but watch this informative video for a detailed explanation about what is really going on and the benefits of traveling now.

Send us a message if you have any questions!

**Note: This video is our opinion based off of research we have done. We would never purposely steer people in the wrong direction or promote anything that could be dangerous or life-threatening. Please do your own research and If you still have concerns or have questions about the Coronavirus, contact your local government or embassy.


2 years ago


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