VISA Guidelines For Your Travels

VISA Guidelines For Your Travels



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With the abundance of different destinations around the world comes an abundance of different VISA guidelines that must be followed. Finding VISA Guidelines can sometimes be difficult, depending on the location you live in or are traveling to.

 Luckily we’re here to show you exactly how to find the guidelines that you need, to find out everything you need to know before you take a trip anywhere around the world.

What is a VISA?

A travel visa is an authorization that permits a traveler to visit one certain country, usually in the form of a sticker or stamp placed in one of your passport pages. Each country has its own visa policy. 

To get a travel visa you must apply online or at the office of the immigration authorities of the country you are planning to visit. However, there are also some visas that you don’t have to apply for before you travel, and you can obtain them once you land in your chosen destination at the airport. 

It pays to be organized when it comes to VISA’s - you don’t want to spend all that money and time planning a trip only for it to be cut short because you don’t have the correct VISA! Always make sure you check if there are any steps you need to follow, well before you fly. 

travel visa

Types of VISA

There are many types of travel visas depending on your nationality, destination country, purpose of travel and even number of times you wish to visit that country. Some different types of VISA include: 

  • Tourism

  • Transit

  • Seeking medical treatment

  • Seeking employment

  • Business

  • Study 

  • Joining a spouse

Getting your visa for your next vacation

How to apply for a VISA?

When thinking about applying for a VISA, here are the steps you should follow:

1. Figure out what kind of VISA you need(if you need one)

It should be simple enough to find out if you need a VISA and if so, what type. Especially if your reason for travel is tourism. A good place to start is usually the government website for the country you are planning to visit. Head to Project Visa for a full list of countries and their VISA requirements. 

Some countries do have a long list of different types of VISAs, so double check you are applying for the right one. 

Visa rules and restrictions

2. Find out where you need to apply 

Most VISAs you can now apply for online and you should easily be able to find out how from a country's government website, where they have the rest of their VISA information. 

However, some VISAs will require you to go to the country's embassy in your county to provide additional information. Embassy’s are actually a really useful source of information, so if you’re not completely sure on how to apply don’t be afraid to call or visit an embassy. 

Here are some resources that might be useful:

Embassy for your visa

You won’t always have to apply for a VISA beforehand, some travel VISAs you can obtain at the airport when you land in your holiday destination. If this is the case make sure you are aware so you can factor in some extra time for this. 

3. Collect the required documents

Some VISA applications will require you to provide certain documents as proof of identity and reason for travel etc. Documents may include:

  • Application form

  • Copy of passport 

  • Travel insurance 

  • Proof of travel arrangements 

  • Evidence of financial means 

Completing your visa application

Make sure the information you provide complies with all your other documents. You may be required to make copies of certain documents and send them to the country’s embassy so make sure you are able to do this. 

Also, remember that each country has its own rules on when you can apply the earliest and the latest for a VISA. Pay attention to these rules so you don’t miss your window!

4. Pay a VISA fee

Some countries will charge a fee for VISAs and some won’t. Again, this depends on the type of VISA you are applying for, how long you will stay, where you are from etc. so make sure you read all of the information carefully. 

Countries should make it clear what you are required to do for each VISA so pay attention to this. 

How much does a visa cost for travel

5. Attend an interview 

Depending on the specifics again, some VISA applications will require you to attend an interview at the country's embassy. Mostly, if you are applying for a tourist VISA you won’t be required to do this. If it is needed, it’s nothing to worry about! It’s just to check all of the information you have provided is correct so don't be nervous. Just make sure you are on time and organised. 

Having your visa interview

6. Get excited for your trip!

Once you have everything sorted and you have required your VISA, you can relax and start getting excited for the adventure ahead! Happy traveling! 

Get excited for your vacation

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