Why You Shouldn't Worry About The Coronavirus In Bali

Why You Shouldn't Worry About The Coronavirus In Bali



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If you haven't heard about the Coronavirus, you must have been living on another planet! The lung disease is causing panic all around the world and it's even making travelers change their holiday plans. Necessary? Unless you're going to Wuhan, definitely not. Coming to Bali? As safe as it has always been!

1. What is it?

The Coronavirus is actually a kind of coronavirus (a little confusing, we know), but this specific one is new. You might've heard about SARS and MERS, other coronaviruses that created a similar panic reaction a few years ago. We survived them just fine.

2. Symptoms

Carriers of the disease usually have lung issues. Think coughing and shortness of breath. On top of that they often have a fever, muscle aches, headaches and a soar throat. A bit like the common flu. But let us be clear, you are way more likely to get the flu than the Coronavirus.

So unless you recently traveled to China, treat that cough or cold just like you always do. Definitely don't go taking antibiotics! The Coronavirus is a viral infection, not a bacterial one, so antibiotics won't help at all!

3. Is it Dangerous?

The virus is not a killer virus. Yes, there have been numerous deaths, but so far all the deceased had a weakened immune system already. Elderly people mostly, or people who were sick before. In comparison, the flu kills over 100,000 people every year. Corona has only killed 827 (so far).

When you’re in good health, there is absolutely no reason to be worried. You have enough antibodies in your system to fight the virus if you do get sick. And then it's exactly like with the common flu: bed rest, plenty of liquids and wait until it's over.

If you want to play it safe, wash your hands regularly and don't cough or sneeze in anyone's direction. And, obviously, don’t let anyone cough or sneeze in your face. However, if you think hygiene is important, you should be doing that already anyway.

And what about mouth masks? Almost every Asian you come across is wearing one and media are reporting that in many places they’ve completely sold out. Do not worry about that either, scientific research has shown that mouth masks have very little effect. Hand hygiene is way more important!

DPS airport in Bali

4. Traveling

All over the world travelers are canceling trips to Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and yes, also Bali because of the Coronavirus. China is not Asia people! While it is not very wise flying into Wuhan these days (actually, you can't because the area is under quarantine), all other Asian countries have been declared safe.

In Bali specifically, there is no threat of the virus. Indonesia is one of the few countries that hasn’t reported any case. NOT A SINGLE ONE! On top of that the government has suspended all incoming flights from China. If something, they’re even being a little bit too cautious.

One more tip: if you still have to book your tickets, make sure you're flying through Singapore, Thailand or Malaysia. The Chinese might keep you in quarantine, just to make sure you don’t take the virus out of the country. It would be a shame if you're in a Chinese hospital for two weeks (and for no reason) instead of surfing Bali's awesome waves.

5. Benefits

Benefits? As crazy as it may seem, yes! Because whatever we tell you, or other people in other articles, some travelers just can't be convinced that this virus is nothing to be afraid of. Flights will still be canceled, as will hotel rooms and holidays. That means airlines and hotels will have to lower their prices, hoping to attract new tourists to compensate for the financial loss. In for a cheap trip to paradise? This may be your lucky day!

Kelingking Cliff view in Nusa Penida

PS: This article is our opinion. We've done our research and are always honest and open about what we find and how we feel. If you are still worried or want more information, please contact your local government or embassy. They'll happily provide you with more tips and travel info!


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