Insider's Guide - What to do and Where to go in Uluwatu

Ditching the tourist hotspots in the center of the island, Uluwatu is our favorite town with a quick drive over to the south side of the island. From luxury ocean view villas to international day clubs, it’s a getaway like no other. 

You’ll find yourself laying under the tallest palm trees with the whitest sand found all along hidden beaches. The views are absolutely breathtaking and the waves are gnarly. Below is our list of top things to do in Uluwatu!

Public beaches

Balangan Beach

With Uluwatu providing an abundance of luxury activities, one of our favorite things to do is to disconnect entirely and spend the day at Balangan. 

With fantastic views, Balangan is our spot for a relaxing and enjoyable beach day. We highly recommend Balangan for our traveling surfers as you can expect awesome left-hand reef breaks

End the day by finding a perfect spot on the nearby hill for a breathtaking sunset that lights the entire sky on fire. Please don’t forget to do your part to keep Bali beaches clean.

Balangan Beach, Bali

Bingin Beach

If you ever come across a stunning untouched beach in Bali, we guarantee it’ll be hidden. You’ll have to survive a trek to reach it, but in our opinion, the exclusion makes it magical. 

Embrace island life by spending the day at Bingin – admiring the young surfers, having Nasi Goreng for lunch at the beach Warung, and of course, the undeniably gorgeous Bali sunset. 

Bingin Beach, Bali

Day Clubs


Known for throwing the hottest parties of the summer around the world, Omnia knows how to hit the mark when it comes to their Bali pool house. With high caliber bottle service, stunning views of the Indian Ocean, and the sexiest crowd partying all day, Omnia is the spot to be for the best party on the island. 

With having international artist’s performances consistently through the year, we highly recommend coming on the weekend for a DJ set that’ll have you dancing from day to night!

Phone: +62 361 8482150

Omnia, Bali

Sunday’s Beach Club

On the other side of the spectrum, Sunday’s has a very special place in our heart. Your trip is absolutely incomplete without spending a day rejuvenating your soul at Sunday’s. 

With complimentary kayaks, paddle boards, snorkels, and beach toys, Sunday’s will have everyone enjoying the crystal-clear water. During happy hour, the Sunday’s team distributes juicy popsicles and sets up a bonfire with marshmallows for sunset! 

This cannot be missed!

Phone: +62 811 9421110

Sunday’s Beach Club, Bali


Single Fin

Do you remember those dreamy ocean sunsets you would see at the end of romantic movies? The ones where the sky is perfectly whisked in color? 

That’s how you start your night off at Single Fins. Uluwatu is known for the best sunset on the island, but Single Fins really delivers the entire experience. 

Our favorite part is that’s the beginning of the night. With DJ’s performing in different areas of the bar, it’ll have everyone dancing all night long! 

We highly recommend arriving early in the day to thoroughly enjoy their gorgeous ocean-view infinity pool.

Phone: +62 361 769941

Single Fin, Bali


At Rockbar, your experience begins as you’re escorted into an elevator descending exactly 14 meters above the Indian Ocean. 

Famously known, this innovative open-top Bali bar is the most glam spot on the entire island for all your sunset and beach party dreams! With their slick white ultra-chic ambience, fabulous food, and even more stunning views this bar is the epitome of the Bali vibes you’ve come chasing for. 

If it’s not on your list already, we expect to have “Sunset drinks at Rockbar” written on the very top!

Phone: +62 361 702222

Rockbar, Bali


Rent a Luxury Villa

Whether you’re a low-key surfer or high-end superstar, if you’re coming to the south side of the island we know you want to live life large. It’s part of the Uluwatu lifestyle. 

Placed perfectly along the Bukit Peninsula, guests can find ultra-luxurious villas with stunning interiors and panoramic views! 

Whether it’s a couple’s getaway or an entire wedding party, Uluwatu villa’s notoriously destroy all expectations and will have you speechless. 

In addition, with the area’s incomparable pricing, guests can find the villa of their dreams at any price point! You can’t beat that!

Alila Villas
Phone: +62 361 8482166

Alila Villas, Bali

C151 Luxury Villas Dreamland

Phone: +62 361 739151

C151 Luxury Villas Dreamland, Bali

Yoga Retreat

With Bali famously put on the map from the Hollywood blockbuster Eat, Pray, Love, the island has since become a forefront in wellness tourism. 

With no better way to ground yourself than with untouched white beaches and stunning ocean views, Uluwatu makes for the perfect hideaway to completely disconnect from your fast-paced lifestyle. Retreats are strategically placed along the coastline with a host of international instructors teaching a variety of yoga forms and styles

The calmness you effortlessly find throughout your stay will highlight how magical and sacred Bali is.

Yoga Searcher Bali

Phone: +62 811 3990150

Yoga Searcher Bali


Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park

Also known as GWK Cultural Park, is Bali’s most iconic monument. Soaring at 120 meters, the statue is taller than both the Statue of Liberty and Christ the Redeemer! 

With part of the park still under construction, the statue remains open and is a great glimpse into Balinese culture. 

We recommend renting the available Segway’s to see the entire park, along with visiting the nearby restaurants for a great view of all of Bali!

Phone: +62 361 700808

Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park, Bali

Abandoned Plane

Leaving even locals confused, there aren’t many answers when it comes to the abandoned plane found in Uluwatu. It’s a very bizarre sight that is definitely worth the visit! We highly recommend find your way to this mystery stop for the perfect Instagram photo! The aerial view is super cool – a great opportunity to use the drone! 

Abandoned Plane, Bali

Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple, one of the must-see temples in Bali. Locally known as Pura Luhur Uluwatu, is a particularly significant spiritual location to the Balinese Buddhist Hindus. 

Not only is it one of the seven sea temples that form a chain along Bali’s southwestern coast but also one of the nine direction temples of the island, considered to protect it from evil spirits. 

Located in the village of Pecatu, it was constructed around the 11th century and now draws both regular worshipers and tourists interested in seeing Bali’s famous cliffside temple.

The thing that makes Uluwatu Temple truly special is its location. Set on the very edge of a cliff some 70 meters high, the temple commands stunning views of the ocean and surrounding areas. 

It is these views more than the temple itself that draws visitors to the area, particularly at sunset when the vibrant colors light up the ocean, the cliffs, and the temple.Uluwatu Temple, Bali