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Nature & Adventure Tours in Bangkok

Our passionate team have carefully curated Bangkok tours to suit any vacation. We're adding new Nature & Adventure Tours in Bangkok monthly, so keep checking back to see our new excursions!


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  • Mystical Waterfall & River Kwai Tour
    $189 $169

    There’s more to Bangkok than the hustle and bustle of the city itself. Our Mystical Waterfall & River Kwai Tour is full of history as well as adventure. Start with a visit to the War Museum where you can wander at your leisure before hopping onto your long boat to see Thai life from the Kwai River. Enjoy a delicious, traditional lunch before you embark on a trek to the stunning, seven-tiered, Erawan Waterfalls. This all-inclusive Bangkok tour is a must for anybody wanting culture and adventure.


    12 hours

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The Best Tours in Bangkok

Located in Southeast Asia is Thailand and its bustling capital of Bangkok, otherwise known as Krung Thep. With increasing numbers of tourists taking their vacation to Bangkok each year, it's become as much a tourist destination as it is a hotspot for stunning architecture and rich cultural history. If you’re looking to make your vacation to Bangkok even better, one of the best ways to explore this amazing city is with our guided tours in Bangkok, showing you the best and most interesting of this busy city, home to over 10 million people.

All of our day tours in Bangkok are created with you in mind, run by our friendly local team of experienced tour guides who all have a wealth of local knowledge at their disposal - when it comes to your vacation to Bangkok, take advantage of our local tips and tricks and create your dream itinerary with our private tours in Bangkok!

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